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Like many others, we have often wondered if Utopia 'the ideal place' really exists. This is what inspired us to come up with this business model and name.

Utopia Womenswear started its journey in 2012. The concept at the beginning was to find the right fashion range for middle-aged women. You might know how they say the middle child in a family is usually neglected as the requirements of the elder kids and the needs of younger ones take precedence? That’s equally true of middle-aged women.


We all thought that once the kids grew up and left home, women would have their lives back again. But many kids, after leaving home, need Mum more than ever.


Grandchildren may need you, especially if the parents are working. You may even have elderly parents craving for your attention.


Who thinks of your needs? Not the fashion industry. All their creations are competing for the attention of the young, the beautiful and the trendy.

We like to think that Utopia changes all that – Utopia as its grown has become not just a Fashion Shop for middle-aged women to enjoy, it now caters for women of all ages. Our shops sell the latest fashion at mid-range prices and we specialize in French, Italian and English fashion.


So, if you enjoy wearing clothes with a touch of Mediterranean chic, this is the shop for you. Remember, it’s Utopia Womenswear.

A fashion store in York, Altrincham, Stratford, Nuneaton and Hereford and of course you can browse our latest fashions online.

Depending on your budget, you may find the clothes a little more than you’d usually pay.

Or else delightfully affordable. But one thing is certain. The clothes in the Utopia Womenswear fashion stores are gorgeous. Stylish and well made, with a touch of class. Even if you’d like to just browse and get some ideas, visiting one of the stores is a joy.

It’s great to find a shop which you feel meets your need.
It’s our wish that the women of today will come out and support this chain.


Utopia Womenswear fashion store deserves this. For the love of being able to browse in a boutique to find that unique piece of fashion that you cannot wait to wear.

Utopia Clothing
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